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UberCM12.1 ROM for OnePlus One!


For this week, I am running the UberCM12.1 ROM by XDA user RobbieL811, which also comes with AK Kernel and up to 2.88Ghz overclocking.

I know many of you have probably tried the latest CM12S, which just came out.  If you want something a bit newer with Android 5.1.1, you may want to just try out this UberCM12.1 ROM, it has a nice combo of some OnePlus One features like Next camera and off-screen gesture shortcut support.  Also the Next camera support full 4K DCI and UHD, which is the first non-CM12S ROM I have seen with the support.

Minus the Hexo theme and Screencast app, this UberCM12.1 ROM will pretty much get you everything found on the CM12S along with latest Android 5.1.1 and overclockable kernel.


As for theme suggestion, check out the Blacked Out theme along with 3K SR Black icons.  Using darker colors for your theme can save you a ton of battery life, even on LCD displays as they use very little energy versus colored ones.  Besides that, darker themes help you see the Settings menu easier.   One of the coolest features of CM12 and CM12.1 Lollipop is the theme engine as it’s better than ever and I love how you can make your own custom theme by mix-and-matching different icons and wallpapers to your theme.

If you are looking for a good custom CM12.1 ROM, definitely check this one out as it’s another solid ROM that’s going to let you enjoy CM12.1 along with additional speed.  So definitely give it a go for this week!


3 Responses

  1. Christopher says:

    I installed this ROM (5/06 version) – did full CLEAN install. It worked at first, but, once I changed DPI to 400 I got dreaded BLACK SCREEN problem. Status Bar works, buttons light up, and I hear sounds, but screen stays black (some popup dialogs still work, like if you hold the power button down I can still select Reboot etc…).

    I had this on one other 5.1.1 ROM. So, I had to revert back to my backup (which is the latest official cm 12s).

  2. Randy says:

    Hi! This will not install on TWRP. Says something about zip file verification in red. Then the word in red says “failed” …….is there anything to fix this? I have over five roms backed up and never had any issues installing them


  3. Randy says:

    Also, you mention above to “install the firmware upgrade zip file”………where, and what is that??? Lol

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